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Office and Residential Kit

How to order?

How to Order?

1. Send your enquiry to us thru email / fax

You can download the enquiry form and email to enquiry@ucaresupplies.com.my or fax to 05-241 0434.

2. We will contact you & quote you the products

We will contact you either by call or email within 24 hours

3. We will deliver your products once we received your order

We will arrange the delivery and the products will reach your site within 1-3 working days.

4. You make the payment after received the products

You make the payment whether by cheque or bank in into our company account.

5. After Sales Services

We provide after sales service by sending our sales personnel to your site and top up the first aid kits for you within Selangor, Johor, Perak and Penang. (Other areas - you need to order by fax or email)

Office First Aid Kit is prudently designed for office/ residential according to the regulation by the government. The kit is made of PVC and the size is 30.5cm(L) x 12.0cm(W) x 14.5cm(H). There are a total of 16 items equipped inside:

Item Name/Description
1 Triangular bandages
2 Roller bandages, 2 inch (3 pieces)
3 Roller bandages, 3 inch (3 pieces)
4 Adhesive plaster (100 strip)
5 Cotton-wool strip (16 pieces)
6 Eye drops 7.5 ml
7 Individual sterilized eye pads (2 pieces)
8 Rubber bandage (Elastic Bandage)
9 Antiseptic Lotion (30 ml)
10 Antiseptic Cream
11 Medicated Oil
12 Surgical scissors
13 Safety pins (12 pieces)
14 Surgical tape ½ inch
15 Cotton buds (100 pieces)
16 Tweezer

Free Delivery
We provide free delivery service for any purchase exceeding RM 50 (Applicable to purchases within Malaysia only).

Qualtiy After Sales Service
We provide after sales services to the industries whether onsite services or self service.

  1. Onsite Service : We will send our sales personnels to your factory and refill the first aid kits for you.
  2. Self Service : You check your kits and we will deliver the products to you once we received your order.

(No service charge will be applied and all order deliveries are guaranteed to arrive within 1-3 working days.)